Saturday, January 8, 2011

Yamakawa Hayashi

Cute boy from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!!
Here is some basic life photos of him ...
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Friday, January 7, 2011


Happy and go lucky Melissa. She is current student in Inti College in Subang Jaya.
Here is some of her photoshooting photos.
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here is her fan page due to her facebook acc full: fan page

Chuckei ( Baby Jane)

A current student in Taylor lakeside campus!!She is a famous blogger and she is pretty !! If you don't believe on my words ??
You can judge with your own eyes.
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Below here are links to her blog: Chuckei's blog


Today Pretty Girl is Carlivia. In order to find for her facebook profile. You just need to move your mouse over to search box and type into : Carlivia and you will get to her profile or her fan page as well.
She is beautiful and elegance as well. I like her casual wearing. Below are some of her pictures.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hebe Promo tour Pictures in M'sia

Here are some pictures of Hebe promo tour in Malaysia.
She was awesome singer and has great future ahead.
If you want to see more pictures of Hebe Tien Fu Zhen you can go to : Jloong87"s Blog

Photos credit go to the owner of the blog Jloong87's Blog

She is cute and pretty
Catch up more soon


Everyone has different view on beauty.
Some might be just look at appearance and not the inner beauty
But today is a beautiful girl given name :莎希蜜-王于
More pictures from her wretch :Link

Street Wear FOR BOYS

Today is so special about the clothing on street wear and how to "dress" casually for most guys.
Everyone will so curious on why Guys need to dress up.It is more critical point to win a girl heart and don't wish to be in the hustle and hassle to over "make up" yourself. RIght?
So wear something that is casual and go for your date.
Have a NICE day/  

Spice of Life: Guys Dress Up

Spice of Life: Guys Dress Up